A Guide to Mobility Products

Whether it is yourself or a relative or someone you care for that has got mobility issues, there is no doubt that they will benefit from some of the excellent mobility aids and products out there on the market. The amount of choice and variety of makes and models can be overwhelming, so let’s take …

Top Tips on Hiring Mobility Equipment

It is not always possible, cost-effective or convenient to take your own mobility equipment with you when you travel. You could be concerned about damaging or losing your wheelchair or scooter even if technically you could travel with your own.

Mobility Hoists Improve Accessibility

Folding Travel Hoist

In the dark days, when mobility hoists were merely the sparkle in an inventor’s eye, the task of assisting disabled, bariatric and elderly people in completing their daily routines was not something that you’d wish to experience. The basic, fundamental daily tasks such as taking a bath, going to bed or getting up the stairs …